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A few of the many titles that have been published by Uptown (click on picture):

Hustlers Law Front latest 03292015   Yellow Front Cover   Run! Yellow Vegas Front 2nd VersionHoly Terror Front   Negro Front Book Cover   Best of Modern Jazz Recordings Front CoverTime Share Front Cover   Substitutions Front Cover    The Messiah Book Cover Front Save Our Souls Front Cover    Stories Armchair Rituals 2 Front Cover  The House Front CoverMuntu Poets Front Cover   Muntu Vol 1 Front 1600 x 2400  OYV 2015 vol 1 Front Cover

The Messiah Vol 2 Book Cover Front     Save Our Souls Front Cover Vol 2    Broken Eggs Front Cover 1600 x 2400 Scheme In Every Scene Front Cover 1600 x 2400  Eclections 2 Front Cover   Eclections 3 Front Cover PoWhims & Proz 8 Front Cover   Start Your Own Indie Pub Co Front Cover 1600 by 2400   The MAO Syndrome Front Cover 7

Realism to Surrealism 2 Front Cover cropped   Me and Maysun 2 Front Cover   Free Jazz Front Cover

Yellow Cleveland Front Cover   2016-oyv-infinite-scholar-7-x-10-front-book-over-2no-u-turns-one-way-front-cover  point-blank-front-cover our-journey-3-front-cover  the-door-at-the-end-of-the-hall-front-cover